About Us

Dmg Group

dmglogoDmg Group of Companies founded in 1978 under the name Akgünler Tourism, and later on acquired the leading position in all the areas in which it operates, embodies elite brands and contributes to TRNC economy with 170 employees.

Among the main activities of Group of Companies who integrates corporate administration understanding with distinctness, awareness and sustainability; has investments for Accommodation, Transport, Tourism Marketing and Shipping.

The group of companies, following developments in both domestic and overseas with global perspective, and making investment decisions, has adopted the principle of being the leader of each sector in which it takes place and provide permanent superiorities.

Among the elements that underlies Dmg Group’s success is the aim to become leader with customer satisfaction focused strategy, creating ability of gaining value for its investments using resources and savings in a right manner in its activity field.

Dmg Group, knowing that the secret of the success is taken from the union of power in changing and ever-evolving world, aims to progress in new sectors, in line with its long-term strategies.